Our business owner package will help you prioritize your personal and business needs while creating a road map to an enhanced legacy:

  • Minimizing personal taxes
  • Minimizing corporate taxes
  • Growing retained earnings tax-free
  • Protecting retained earnings from creditors
  • Access your corporate retained earnings for personal use, tax-free subject to a fee (for optimal tax planning)
  • Group Savings Plan with lower fees than available to individuals (RRSPs, TFSAs, other strategies)
  • Educating employees on long-term financial planning
  • Assisting with key person insurance – protecting and retaining your biggest assets – your executive team
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Extension to the Human Resource Department (Alternatively, a small business Human Resources Department starts with us.

Privacy & Confidentiality: The fact find process upholds the strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines set out by the Insurance Council of British Columbia.

Brightin-Insider is very well connected. We work in coordination with other professional services and consulting firms, insiders to their industry, who have been able to bring real savings to our clients. We pride ourselves in being able to connect our clients to the best – most comprehensive and cost effective – professional services in the marketplace.

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