What corporate insurance should you consider?


Our corporate packages protect business owners and/or partners from the most common issues in the corporate world. We partner with the top insurance carriers and are able to recommend the right insurer and the right product depending on the individual needs of your organization.

Our Products: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Corporate Dollars for Personal Use Strategy (tax-free subject to a fee), Group Insurance, Tax-Free Corporate Investment Growth, Buy-Sell Insurance, Mortgage Insurance.

Our corporate custom packages aim to:

  • Provide optimal protection.
  • Strategize to minimize or eliminate select current or future payable taxes.
  • Free-up/reallocate resources efficiently and save on your bottom line.

Our promises to you:

  • We will shop and compare the marketplace for you so you are able to make an educated decision provided full information of all options.
  • We look after your interests.
  • We treat you and your team as family.
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