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Group benefits start at $52/month per employee for a basic plan, $67/month for a comprehensive plan, and $77/month for an enhanced plan. Exact quotes are based on average age and group size. With our consultants, employee benefits implementation, administration, and servicing are complimentary. To request exact quotes from all insurance carriers compared, please fill out the Quote Request Form below and you will receive a call back – usually within the next business hour.

Employee Benefits Experts – Canada

Fully customizable benefit plans and servicing are available to groups of all sizes:

    Small Business: 2 – 34 employees
    Medium Business: 35 – 199 employees
    Large Corporate: 200 – 599 employees
    Enterprise: 600+ employees

How do Group Benefits Work?

Your best employee benefits insurance is a broker, advisor and consultant – 3 in 1. When implementing or reviewing a benefits plan, it is essential that you work with an expert in the field. Unlike other industries, there is no additional cost to working with a benefits expert as opposed to a general broker. The fees for your benefits professional are already included in the premiums insurance carriers charge. Therefore, you only pay when or if you implement a benefits plan. Consultations and market surveys comparing all insurance carriers are free.

Our network will align you with a benefits expert who will provide advice customized to your industry, business needs and budget. Additionally, Brightin-Benefits Brokers provide a plethora of complimentary services. Those services include full plan administration, wellness programs, and human resources tools and support.

Fill out the Quote Request form on this page and get in contact with a local benefits specialist within the hour.




Analyze internal or external corporate and market factors.



Implement a strategic benefits, wellness and prosperity program.



Review, measure and improve program return on investment.



Customize an all encompassing and effective program servicing strategy.

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