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life insurance quotes onlineLife insurance quotes online compared instantly. Rates are subject to medical. Call us with questions and apply from the comfort of your own home today. We work with all Canadian insurance carriers and by filling out the below Quote Request Form you may generate your personalized quote instantly. Life insurance cost starts at as little as $10/month for a $250,000 life insurance benefit (age 35, female).

STEP 1: Compare Life Insurance Quotes Online | STEP 2: Apply Online

After using our tool to compare life insurance quotes online, we will help with your digital application. Some of our clients apply with one insurance carrier and end up purchasing a policy from another. This might create more work for us but it can save you sometimes thousands of dollars in the long run, especially with larger life insurance policies. Based on the findings of your medical, our insurance specialists work hard to ensure you are getting the most competitive rate available for your age, health status as well as your family health history. No detail is too small to affect premium by sometimes as much as 25%.

Did you know?!

  • Did you know that some insurance carriers offer member benefits? Some of the most valuable member benefits are well fitted to families with children. For example, some member benefits include: competitive scholarships up to $2,00o per year for a maximum of 4 years, orphan benefits of up to $900/month up to age 18 in the event of one or both parents passing away, and/or orphan scholarships up to 6,000 per year for a maximum or 4 years in the event of both parents passing ($3,000 per year if one parent).

If this sounds like something which may add value to your family, please ask for details.

  • Exact quotes are based on age, gender, volume of insurance, health history, smoker status as well as family health. Some life insurance providers price better for healthy individuals while others are more competitive for individuals with health issues. However, that is why it is very important to work with an independent broker as opposed to an agent familiar with one or two insurers.

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