Financial and Insurance Advice for New Parents


newparentplanningPlan today – to secure tomorrow.
By each parent contributing $74.50/month for 20 years, they are able to secure the following:

  • College or university.
  • Downpayment on a house.
  • And even early retirement.

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Pure insurance is not the only way to secure your tomorrow. Wealth generation strategies are available in combination with insurance. Put funds away today, secure your family, your mortgage, and build a legacy all at the same time. Ask us about a wealth generation strategy which allows for a guaranteed, tax-free, creditor protected growth to your long-term investments in combination with a life insurance policy.

Free Planning Sessions & Seminars:

  • RRSP regular contribution strategies (plan early in life to minimize income tax payable on investment growth upon withdrawal)
  • Creditor protected wealth and legacy building strategies.

We are completely independent and have access to all insurance products. We compare those products for you – definitions, factors, and pricing. We show you those comparisons so that you are confident in your choice. We simply get to know your unique needs, recommend a product or product(s) which will fulfill those needs, and spreadsheet the marketplace for you. When Brightin-Insider makes a final recommendation, our clients know exactly why they have chosen to proceed with that specific carrier and product.

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