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  Benefits by Design (Green Shield Canada) PLANS.

ZONE plan available to all Canadian residents.
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No Medical Required – LINK plan. Available only 90 days following loss of coverage.
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Manulife Association Plan available only through Select Advisors Online:

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Plan Designs and Rates

We have a selection of all competitive health and dental plans. The most popular plans in BC at the moment are offered by GreenShield, Manulife Financial and Great-West Life. Above, you may view the PLAN DESIGNS and RATES for Singles, Couples and Families. We are happy to provide some guidance and help with your application over the phone or in person. If you wish to be contacted, by a Brightin representative, please fill out the form.

OUR PICK – GreenShield Health Assist through Benefits By Design

The Brightin Preferred – PICK for a Health and Dental Plan is GreenShield – Health Assist.

Why? You will notice GreenShield provides more coverage at a lower cost through us. Furthermore, GreenShield offers mobile claim submission. How is GreenShield able to manage to offer such competitive rates? They are one of few non-profit insurers.

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